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A Clear View With Centric

Designed to serve the mining industry from the ground up, Centric is the enterprise solutions software of choice for mining operations around the globe. From data capture to data warehousing and from business intelligence to reporting, Centric provides you with the clear view of your entire operations.

Tighter Control

Tighter Control for Leadership

What you can’t see, you can’t control. Centric integrates your existing systems and processes to provide you with real-time status on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter most. All from one source.

Safer Mines

Safer Mines for Employees

Running a safe mine is vital across the industry. Centric ensures you have all the information you need to run tight operations and facilitate a safe, productive working environment.

Predictable Performance

Predictable Performance for Investors

Centric provides what investors value most: predictable performance and operational effectiveness from accountable operators.

A Central Source of Truth

Connect Centric across your operations to unite all systems and processes and establish a single source of verifiable truth. Analyze and report on data from every sector of your operations. Establish more meaningful Key Performance Indicators and track against them to measure performance growth.

  • Reconciliation
  • Operational Reporting
  • Stockpile Management
  • Equipment Utilization Monitoring
  • Ore Tracking
  • Grade Control

Find out more about how Centric can operate within the various parts of your mining operations below.

Your Operations

Deploy Centric across mining and geology operations to provide a reliable “source of truth” from which to measure any or all activity in your operations. From tracking the movement of ore to generating production reconciliation reports, Centric helps you capture the data, which fuels higher return on investment (ROI).

Create timely and accurate reports to monitor everything from grade control and equipment utilization, to stockpile management, blasting statistics and consumables usage.

  • Efficiently and accurately measure the movement of ore from “mine to mill”
  • Access grade control and dilution data in a timely fashion
  • Seamlessly integrate LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
  • Monitor equipment utilization and availability
  • Analyze drilling and blasting statistics
  • Track the usage of consumables throughout the mining process
  • Use available high-visibility stockpile management tools
  • Efficient and accountable metals reconciliation

Integrate Centric into your mine’s engineering operations to access information that can all too often become disorganized and forgotten. Use Centric to store, manage and access volumetric surveying information. Integrate your budgets and forecasting for better planning and KPI analysis. Create predictive models and generate more accurate schedules to streamline operations. Run timely and accurate reconciliation reports to precisely monitor inflow and outflow.

  • Store, manage and leverage survey volumetric data
  • Manage accountable and auditable versions of long-term budgets and forecasts
  • Achieve product quality targets with blending tools
  • Monitor KPIs with highly visible dashboards and analysis tools
  • Generate timely and accurate production reconciliation reports

Connecting Centric to your financial system aligns mining KPIs with financial targets. Anticipate the financial impact of operational anomalies and use real-time financial data to modify operational practices. Generate regularly scheduled real-time reports to help your organization define new KPIs.

  • Integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)
  • Push or pull data from warehouse to warehouse for ad hoc analysis and dashboarding
  • Match production metrics with cost and/or revenue
  • Produce timely, auditable and accountable reports

Use Centric to analyze and report on critical environmental data. Create regularly scheduled reports and define more specific environmental KPIs for your organization.

  • Facilitate critical data in an auditable and accountable location
  • Integrate with third-party services to efficiently collect and centralize data
  • Incorporate environmental metrics and KPIs into dashboarding and standards reporting

Incorporate Centric into your health and safety incident reporting systems to analyze data to generate timely, accurate reports. Use Centric to help measure the true value of a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Perform historical and predictive analyses
  • Increase accountability through daily or monthly reporting
  • Analyze the dynamic relationship between production and safety
  • Incorporate health and safety data into standard production reporting and dashboards

How It Works

Data Capture

Data Capture

Data Capture

Data Capture

Centric provides you with central data capture to ensure a consistent and sustainable platform to incorporate data from your existing systems and processes. Unlike spreadsheets, all data is traceable and auditable, so it’s simpler to control and update. Centric can incorporate data from any part of your business, either directly from the flexible-user interfaces or from other software through direct integration to create a single version of truth.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Centric provides a safe and secure environment to store data. While spreadsheets can be changed independently by many authors, there’s often no single common working version. Data can be shelved or even lost. Centric archives your data in one main repository, allowing you to access, update, track and analyze at will.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Find the nuggets you need in a mountain of information. Centric gives you pinpoint control over the treatment and analysis of data within the repository. Leverage the data to conduct queries, identify trends, publish dashboards and seize opportunities.





Centric makes it easy to generate automated timely reports at critical intervals: daily, weekly, monthly and annually. With customizable reporting, you can model the reports to look exactly like what you’re using now. Now everyone can access the same format and data to create reports you know you can trust.

Our Story

Here at Centric Mining Systems, we have mining in our bones. We’re blazing new frontiers as software engineers but we know this industry from the inside out: as explorers, geologists and surveyors. It’s that core personal experience that impelled us to create real-world solutions with the potential to drive our whole industry forward.

We’ve seen the rise of new automated systems and technologies revolutionize the mining world. That’s great, but to perform at their best, they need to work together. Centric helps you do just that: get all your horses aligned and pulling in the same direction.

Our decades in the depths means we know what matters on the ground in a mine. Centric unifies your data stream into a single view; a giant step towards greater control, efficiencies and profits. All to help you go deeper, climb higher and work smarter.

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