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Mine Metrics

Incorporate all mine metrics with integration to existing mining data systems and user/supervisor data entry forms, into a single source of truth including employee activity, development, consumables, budgets, forecasts, targets and other mining related metrics.
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Fleet Management

Incorporate all fleet and equipment related metrics into your single source of truth. Mobile or fixed asset utilization data can be sourced from existing systems (fleet management, process control systems, etc.), entered by operators using Centric’s operator entry forms, or a combination of both.
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Processing Operations

Incorporate all processing metrics such as fixed asset operating data, slurry or fluid flows, power consumption, consumable usage, and operators time and activities into Centric. This data can be sourced from existing onboard systems (Scada Systems) or entered by operators using Centric’s operator entry forms, or a combination of both.
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Haulage Management

Incorporate all material haulage metrics into a single source of truth including but not limited to material movements. Haulage information may include basic quality data (material types, grade assignments) as well as material conveyance metrics (fleet movements, conveyor belt readings, weightometer readings) to provide basic mine haulage and production reporting.
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Drill & Blast

Use Centric’s Drill & Blast module to enter, track and report consumables, delays, drill hole metrics, blast metrics, photos and more. Incorporate costing and production data in advanced analytics for a broader understanding of drill & blasts impact on the business.
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Health & Safety

Use Centric’s Health and Safety module to enter and track incidents, risks and hazard remediation, training requirements, and action plans. Include production data for a broader understanding of Health and Safety and use it to predict health and safety performance.
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Incorporate all environmental metrics into your single source of truth. Integrate directly to commercial lab systems for efficient integration of sample results. Use advanced analytics and QAQC tools to monitor sampling programs.
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Sample Management

Regardless if the sampling is in support of grade control, plant operations, environment monitoring or reconciliation, Centric Sample Management ensures that there is a single source of truth based on central business rules, QAQC processes, and validation.
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Ore Accounting

Ore Accounting uses metrics and workflows related to ore movements to provide accurate and auditable accounting of your material. Centric’s reconciliation empowers users to measure the performance of key pillars of the business by accounting for gains and losses of production.
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Metallurgical Balancing

Access Centric’s metallurgical balancing tool to gain valuable information about plant operations, recovery rates, plant mass balance and potential areas of material losses

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